Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Vampire Vampire Vampire :3

Vampire deck?Ehehehe .. I loves vampire deck since Zendikar :D
I dont know why.
Maybe because they are fast and furious (or i've been infected by Twilight's virus lol)

Owh yah..not mention that they are elegant too ;D

There is 2 variant of vampire deck.Black/Red Vampire and mono black vampire :3
Mine is Black/Red variant with my own idea ;D

                                           B/R VAMPIRE.dec

Kalastria Highborn x 3
Gatekeeper of Malakir x 3
Bloodthrone Vampire x 3
Bloodghast x 4
Vampire Lacerator x 4
Pulse Tracker x 4
Viscera Seer x 4
Mark of Mutiny x 3
Lightning Bolt x 4
Burst Lightning x 4 
Fling x 3
Blade of Bloodchief x 3
Dragonskull Summit x 4
Blackcleave Cliff x 4
Mountain x 2
Swamp x 8


Arc Trail x 3
Vampire Nighthawk x 3
Vampire hexmage x 3
Jinx Idol x 3
Shatter x 3

.........3 months left before the rotation (Zendikar > Innistrad)
*Sob sob..i guess after that..its a farewell for us my beloved vampire deck T^T

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