Monday, 15 August 2011

Game Day report XDXD

Hi kids!! (Kitsu.. Im borrowing this word for awhile :P)
Remember me?

Yes!Me :D Didi The Aggro Nyan Cat :3

2 days ago.. there is Game Day event!And for sure I participate the event lolx.

So happening uols~

Its full with happiness , sadness and dumbness at that day :D

So~~~Im going to post what happen at that day @ CCEGames(MTG store)....CCEGames?
I mean The Hall of Planeswalkers!(Now its sound like magical place lolx)

                                        1st GAME!


Mulligan @ 1st round!! ..ouchies! x_x.
Is that a bad sign?(superstitious mode on)
After that.. I drew 6 cards and everything looks good :D.

At 1st turn he drop Scalding Tarn.
Scalding Tarn?Ouch..Its Splinter Twin Combo!!!!@_@

Here goes nothing~

I cast BloodGhast to bait him( I wonder if he has any counter in his hand?)
At his turn , he cast Seagate Oracle and all his mana tapped.

I cast Distress and look at his hand.@_@..seem he didnt have any splinter twin's combo component yet.
I choose his Lightning bolt(discard).

I draw a card and got another BloodGhast! and he want to counter it.But he realize that I didnt drop a land yet.(smart guy eh ;p)

Seem his luck turned to bad side because he keep drawing land(because he got mana flood) while I got the 3rd BloodGhast!

And he got defeated by 3 BloodGhasts( 3 Stooges? lol)


I side in 3 Jinx Idols(my best friend :D) 3 Geth Verdicts,and side out 3 Gatekeeper of Malakirs ,1 Mark of Mutiny , 1 Fling and 1 Bloodthrone.

And the game started.
He started 1st and drop a Scalding Tarn.(duh again)
Then my turn I draw a card.I didnt drop any land and discard BloodGhast(More than 7 cards)

Turn 2 he drop a land and go.
Then I draw and drop Blackcleave Cliff,return BloodGhast from graveyard onto battlefield!(so techy :P)And I cast Vampire Lacerator.
But suddenly my opponent's confidences level seem rise up!
I know there is something not good will be happen x_x.

Turn 3 he drop a land and go.
I drew another Bloodghast!
I attacked him with my creatures and..I cast Jinx Idol!(yay XDXD)
But he countered it!OH SNAP!!!my bestfriend has been countered!
Nuuu!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

Turn 4 he drop a land and go again.
I drew Kalastria Highborn.
I attacked him again but in response he cast Deceiver Exarch and blocked my Bloodghast.
I was like...@o@!!!!!He cast Deceiver Exarch!!And he got..2 Islands and 2 Mountains!That mean...HE GOT SPLINTER TWIN IN HIS HAND!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait a sec!He blocked my Bloodghast rite?So.. take my Lightning Bolt!I saw his face like...@_@....ehehehe!!Gotcha!
Well well :P If u  dont block my Bloodghast,u might be win this round XD.
Then I cast Kalastria Highborn and end my turn.

Turn 5...he....cast......Slagstorm.......and all my creatures dies T_T....
And after that..we have a long game.
I cast 2nd Bloodghast and Viscera Seer.I drop a land and recur back my another Bloodghast from graveyard.
I keep attack with them while he got Into the Roil,Lightning Bolt such thing to kill my creatures,but they keep coming back from graveyard(like a ninja huh?:P)

During this game.. I remember that I choose a wrong target for Fling cost!
I should sacrifice Bloodghast instead of Vampire Lacerator.
In the end, he lose after I shooted him with kicked Burst Lightning XD.Yay~~~ 1 score for me :D

                                                              - to be continued later x_x-

Monday, 8 August 2011

Trolled in MTG 2

Eh hai hai XD.Im sry coz I dint update this blog so oftenly.Im so busy @ this month x_x.
Pls forgive me kay T^T

By the way.. good luck in Game Day guys and girls XD

                                                                    -Didi the Nyan Agrro :3-

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Got Draft? :D

Hi hi everyone XD Its me again yay~ :D

Yesterday I went to mtg store..I mean The Hall of Planeswalkers(lol I just make it sound like in fantasy world  :P)to join Standard game..

Unfortunately..most planeswalkers r not interested in Standard for right now.:*(

Yes Im sad nao.Problem?

But there is draft events!!Wow...3 draft pods in 1 day.Owh Em Gee!!Should i join them?

*Checking my cash....insufficient of money..i mean Zenny!!(lol.make it more fantasy-like pls :P)

And my friend asked me "Hey Didi.Do you wanna to join draft?"
I replied " I want but i dint have $$$"
"Nah..I'll pay.Want?"

So..the second pod of draft event..BEGIN!!!>:D

For the 1st pack..I got Lord of Unreal!(Real enuf? :P)woohoo..I made my mind to build illusion aggro(as if its easy lol).

But.. after alots of passes...i found out pick more to R/G variant..x_x

For 2nd pack..there is Solemn Simulacrum!!.
And.. owh!!Timely Reinforcement!

After that..ppl beside me passed me Manabarb! I was like @_@...
Great!:D.And passed me Goblin Fireslinger and Lifelink..
Okay~I made my mind again!From R/G to R/W lolol :D

For the 3rd pack..I got Chandra Outrage, another Lifelink and Goblin Fireslinger,Scepter of Empire and Honor of Pure..the rest is counter draft thing :D

After a few minutes..i reconstruct back my pool..
and its goes like this.

3x Goblin FireSlinger                2x Chandra OutRage
3x Goblin Arsonist                    1x Manabarb
1x Blood Ogre                           2x LifeLink
1x Elite Vanguard                      1x Scepter of Empire
1x Stonehorn Dignitary              1x Spirit Mantle
2x Timely Reinforcement          1x Oblivion Ring
1x Manic Vandal                        1x Stave Off
1x Solemn Simulacrum              2x Lava Axe
1x Crimson Mage                       1x Divine Favor
1x Slaughter Cry                    
                              1x Buried Ruin
                              7x Mountain 
                              7x Plain

Sleeve-in and start the 1st duel!!

1st Round!!

I have Timely reinforcement in my hand along with *beep(forgot lolx) and i just drop a land and go.

At 2nd turn, he drop a creature and after that he whacked me.
Plan activated!I cast Timely reinforcement and gain 6 life as well as 3 soldier tokens!

Enchant a token with Spirit Mantle and whack till end.(Both of us go mana flood lol)

2nd Round!!

Turn 1 I cast Goblin Arsonist
At turn 2 he distress me @_@..and choose chandra outrage!!crap =__=;;.

I top deck'ed Scepter of Empire :D and cast it.

He cast Azure Mage.
Then I cast Manabarb which make him hesistate to cast any spell.

He drop a land and play Phantasm Dragon! and take 4 damage @_@!

At end turn I keep shot him via Scepter of Empire.
Then I cast Divine Favor on Goblin Arsonist(Gain life :D)

He attack with Phantasm Dragon but I cast Stave Off on it.

In the end he cant cast any spell because of Manabarb and I keep shot him with Scepter :D.
Win yay :D

1st Round!

I have 2 land in my hand.Without any doubt, I just keep this hand.

She cast Bird of Paradise at 1st turn!!
And at my turn I cast Goblin Arsonist.

She cast Garruk Companion.(*gasp x_x)

I drop a land and no 2nd drop.

She attack me with Garruk companion, I blocked it with Goblin Arsonist and shot Bird Of Paradise.

And the worst scenario begin.I dint draw any land while she keep casting alots of creature..
Its end just like that.Being swarmed like no end. T_T.

2nd Round!!

This round is tragic T_T.
She has same drop.1st turn Bird of Paradise 2nd and 3rd turn Garruk Companion(Garruk duo..duh!)

While I has Goblin Arsonist along with 3 tokens of soldier and Solem Simulacrum.
I keep defending but she alots of solutions.

Aether Adept my Goblin Arsonist..
Mind Control my Solemn Simulacrum.

In the end..I lost to 2 3/1 flying bird ( i forgot the card name lol)

I lost x_x....

1st Round!!

His deck similar with Miss Joe.But his deck is R/G with Garruk Companion and stuff.

He keep swarming me with alots of creatures.
And I try to defend via Solemn Simulacrum , 3 tokens , Blood ogre.
He showed me his Overrun in his hand.Ya ya ya.. I scooped T^T.

2nd Round!!

This round I aggro him via Goblin Arsonist , Elite vanguard ,Blood Ogre and Goblin Fireslinger.

I shot every his creatures lolx and win. :D

3rd Round!!

This turn is funny XD.

He got Garruk Companion and attacked me.
I block it with Goblin Arsonist.Before combat damage, I cast Slaughter Cry to Goblin Arsonist and in response he cast Incinerate on it.
I cast Stave Off on Goblin Arsonist (choose Red to negate Incinerate)

But...its  a stupid move lolx.
Because its negate Slaughter Cry's effect too.. waaa!!! T_T..

And next turn I cast Stonehorn Dignitary to delay his force.
Then I top deck Manabarb and cast it.
Both of us freezed lol because we got low life left.

After a few turns.. I got Goblin Fireslinger , Lifelink and Divine Favor lol..
I keep shoot him and recover back my life.
And for finale , I cast Lava Axe and end the game :D.

So.. the score is 2 wons and 1 lose.(not bad eh :D)
But I got alots of fun today!! XD

Looking forward to the next draft / standard :D
Owh!Its time for prize :D.
I opened the pack and I got...........


                                                                                  (To be continued.. :D)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

LOL @ those 2. :D

Vampire nocturnus said..
"Your life will set with the sun."

But, Sun Titan said ..
A blazing sun that never sets.
So...whos rite? :D

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Having a conversation with Madam X

At somewhere that looks creepy..

*Knock knock~
Me : Hello~~anyone there?

                                                   Madam X : Yes?What it is?

Me            : O hai Lol :D.
Madam X : =__=;;
Me            : Can u help me to predict ?
Madam X : Owh.Predict about what?
Me            : Future MTG's meta :D Standard type of course lolx :P.
Madam X : Owh lol.K sure.But! U have to close ur eyes.
Me            : Erm?Wai?Oh nvm.. i just have to close my eyes rite?
Madam X : Ya rite.Now stfu and concentrate.
Me            : Aye aye captain!
Madam X : Zzzz ..Okay.. LET'S BEGIN!!Oooo~~~@*&& 
                   (@**@#^@*#)_($ ( chanting ) 

*Turn on Laptop.
*Login into
*Read forum lol.

Madam X : Owh..I saw it! I saw it!
Me            : *instantly open my eyes.Owh!What it is? What it is?                   
                     Wha........................ *Eye-ing on the Laptop.
Madam X : *instantly turn off the Laptop and hide it in 0.01 sec.
                     Ho ho ho XD.
Me            : Is that...?
Madam X : Erm?What?What?
Me            : Nthg =__=;;
Madam X : Cut the crap lol :D.Okay~~nao im going to tell you what 
                   did i see in my vision.
Me : Kay~~

Madam X : I saw Mono Red Goblin aggro deck >:( !!!1!!

Me           : @o@. Mono Red Goblin aggro deck!!OMGOMG.That  
                  deck surely faster than my Vampire deck!
Madam X : Wait.There is another one!
Me            : Tell me! tell me! x_x!!
Madam X : Its...U/W control deck!
Me           : With caw blade?
Madam X :No lol.
Me            : Control deck =__=;;I hate being countered lolx
Madam X : Lol.Owh..There is another deck!
Me            : Another control deck with counters again?
Madam X : Yes :D
Me           : Sigh =__=;;
Madam X : Its U/B control deck.

Me          : Owo..But,how about Mono White weenie deck?

Madam X : I saw it too lolol :D.
Me            : Erm.. Valakut twin combo?
Madam X : Its still good in Standard.Along with Mono Black  
                   Control,U/B Tezzeret , G/x Birthing Pod etc etc etc.

Me            : I think im going make a new deck for against em all :D
                   Any tips for me?
Madam X : Well...u have to find it by urself *serious face.And the  
                   most important is!

*switch on TV

*switch off TV

Madam X : Get it?
Me            : Yah XD.Thx lolx.Erm.. i think i got to go now :D
Madam X : So soon?
Me            : Yah :( ..i want to update something at my blog lol.:D
Madam X : Okies ..
Me            : Well.. cyah :D Thx for helping me XD
Madam X : No biggies ^w^

*10 minutes later
*Turn on Laptop
*Login to
*Read forum.

Madam X : Owh.. VengePox deck seem competitive.Im going to  
                   make the deck.Teeheheh >:D

*At outside
*Im walking slowly

Me          : What deck should i make?Or..should i just stick with  

                                                                           (To be Continued..)