Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Having a conversation with Madam X

At somewhere that looks creepy..

*Knock knock~
Me : Hello~~anyone there?

                                                   Madam X : Yes?What it is?

Me            : O hai Lol :D.
Madam X : =__=;;
Me            : Can u help me to predict ?
Madam X : Owh.Predict about what?
Me            : Future MTG's meta :D Standard type of course lolx :P.
Madam X : Owh lol.K sure.But! U have to close ur eyes.
Me            : Erm?Wai?Oh nvm.. i just have to close my eyes rite?
Madam X : Ya rite.Now stfu and concentrate.
Me            : Aye aye captain!
Madam X : Zzzz ..Okay.. LET'S BEGIN!!Oooo~~~@*&& 
                   (@**@#^@*#)_($ ( chanting ) 

*Turn on Laptop.
*Login into www.mtgsalvation.com.
*Read forum lol.

Madam X : Owh..I saw it! I saw it!
Me            : *instantly open my eyes.Owh!What it is? What it is?                   
                     Wha........................ *Eye-ing on the Laptop.
Madam X : *instantly turn off the Laptop and hide it in 0.01 sec.
                     Ho ho ho XD.
Me            : Is that...?
Madam X : Erm?What?What?
Me            : Nthg =__=;;
Madam X : Cut the crap lol :D.Okay~~nao im going to tell you what 
                   did i see in my vision.
Me : Kay~~

Madam X : I saw Mono Red Goblin aggro deck >:( !!!1!!

Me           : @o@. Mono Red Goblin aggro deck!!OMGOMG.That  
                  deck surely faster than my Vampire deck!
Madam X : Wait.There is another one!
Me            : Tell me! tell me! x_x!!
Madam X : Its...U/W control deck!
Me           : With caw blade?
Madam X :No lol.
Me            : Control deck =__=;;I hate being countered lolx
Madam X : Lol.Owh..There is another deck!
Me            : Another control deck with counters again?
Madam X : Yes :D
Me           : Sigh =__=;;
Madam X : Its U/B control deck.

Me          : Owo..But,how about Mono White weenie deck?

Madam X : I saw it too lolol :D.
Me            : Erm.. Valakut twin combo?
Madam X : Its still good in Standard.Along with Mono Black  
                   Control,U/B Tezzeret , G/x Birthing Pod etc etc etc.

Me            : I think im going make a new deck for against em all :D
                   Any tips for me?
Madam X : Well...u have to find it by urself *serious face.And the  
                   most important is!

*switch on TV

*switch off TV

Madam X : Get it?
Me            : Yah XD.Thx lolx.Erm.. i think i got to go now :D
Madam X : So soon?
Me            : Yah :( ..i want to update something at my blog lol.:D
Madam X : Okies ..
Me            : Well.. cyah :D Thx for helping me XD
Madam X : No biggies ^w^

*10 minutes later
*Turn on Laptop
*Login to mtgsalvation.com
*Read forum.

Madam X : Owh.. VengePox deck seem competitive.Im going to  
                   make the deck.Teeheheh >:D

*At outside
*Im walking slowly

Me          : What deck should i make?Or..should i just stick with  

                                                                           (To be Continued..)

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