Tuesday, 12 July 2011

M12 PreRelease report :D

Hi guys :D Are you having fun @ M12 PreRelease?
Of course rite?Lololol.

Ha ha ha :D

Is there any nice / bad moment that happened to you?
Well,lemme shares mine 1st :D


a)Got Chandra,The Firebrand , Garruk ,Primal Hunter and     
    Solemn Simulacrum in 1 pool! XD

b)Got free booster for each session (lucky draw XD)

c)Manage to defeat a pro player (almost lose lol x_x)
Yay lol :D


a)Vengeful Pharaoh in my deck but im using Red/Green deck.=__=;
 b)My hand(cards) scattered because im too nervous lolx and my    
    opponent knows what cards in my hand...zzzzzzzzzzzz
stupid mistake duh

a)When my opponent attack with Stampede Rhino and Warpath   
    Ghoul,I use Grim Lavamancer to block Stampede Rhino.
    After that i cast Slaughter Cry on Grim Lavamancer!1st strike        
    damage on the stack i activated Grim Lavamancer's ability  
    (remove Slaughter Cry and Chandra Outrage from graveyard) to  
    shot 2 damage on Warpath Ghoul~~and victory XD

b)I cast Act of Treason to steal his Inferno Titan.But he countered   
    my Act of Treason via Cancel and i failed and lose T_T..

c)I have Blood Ogre with bloodlust enchanted with Trollhide,
   Goblin Arsonist and Grim Lavamancer on battlefield.I has 5 life  
   point left x_x.
   My opponent has alots of creatures(i forgot lol which creatures)   
   and he has 8 life point left.
   If he swing with all of his creatures, i will  lose for sure @_@..
   So...im hoping for a good card to change this situation @ my  
Destiny Draw FTW!!
     And i draw FLING!!Its a big relief lol!So i whack him via Goblin  
     Arsonist and he dint block it(1 damage)
     Then i cast Fling on Blood Ogre and fling to him (5 damage)
     And~~~activate Grim Lavamancer's ability (remove Trollhide  
     and Blood Ogre) to shot 2 damage on him.Happy ending lolol XD

d)Royal Assasin is a Traffic Police lol.He forced opponent to not to  

e)Chandra , The Fire Brand + Fireball = devastating :D

f)Rush = lose T_T.My opponent has Storm Pegasus and i  
   have Plummet in my hand.

   I cast Plummet on it and my opponent was like..@_@!!"gladly i   
   didnt cast Serra Angel yet" and after that he cast Serra Angel.

   And its my turn to >>@____@!!!

   Im hoping for any removal to destroy that Serra Angel but i keep   
   drawing land..duh..lose wuu T^T
   Actually, there is more duel moments but i forgot lolx x_x


a)I got fever on that day but seem my focusing level became higher.
   Strange =___=;;

b)Got a new friend lololol :D

c)Witnessed a big misfortune of someone that i know =__=;;
Warghhhh!!!!!!(<---- His feeling at that time?)

d)There is a troll-like player at there lol.He loves to laugh lol.

Ehehe.. what a tired day but its fun XD.

I guess after this i want to write down every moves that i do from MTG duel to post on this blog lololol :D

Well.... later kay ;D


  1. im more lucky even tho my num hit once but i got 6 packs!!! (of boosters... i only hav one round pack on my bod :p)

    But i din manage to get any planeswalker sigh... this is sooo sad

  2. well.. who knows what will happen@release party? u might get jace foil lol :D

  3. been there... done that

    fuh berlagak

  4. ehehe.. who knows~ luck = unpredictable thing