Monday, 15 August 2011

Game Day report XDXD

Hi kids!! (Kitsu.. Im borrowing this word for awhile :P)
Remember me?

Yes!Me :D Didi The Aggro Nyan Cat :3

2 days ago.. there is Game Day event!And for sure I participate the event lolx.

So happening uols~

Its full with happiness , sadness and dumbness at that day :D

So~~~Im going to post what happen at that day @ CCEGames(MTG store)....CCEGames?
I mean The Hall of Planeswalkers!(Now its sound like magical place lolx)

                                        1st GAME!


Mulligan @ 1st round!! ..ouchies! x_x.
Is that a bad sign?(superstitious mode on)
After that.. I drew 6 cards and everything looks good :D.

At 1st turn he drop Scalding Tarn.
Scalding Tarn?Ouch..Its Splinter Twin Combo!!!!@_@

Here goes nothing~

I cast BloodGhast to bait him( I wonder if he has any counter in his hand?)
At his turn , he cast Seagate Oracle and all his mana tapped.

I cast Distress and look at his hand.@_@..seem he didnt have any splinter twin's combo component yet.
I choose his Lightning bolt(discard).

I draw a card and got another BloodGhast! and he want to counter it.But he realize that I didnt drop a land yet.(smart guy eh ;p)

Seem his luck turned to bad side because he keep drawing land(because he got mana flood) while I got the 3rd BloodGhast!

And he got defeated by 3 BloodGhasts( 3 Stooges? lol)


I side in 3 Jinx Idols(my best friend :D) 3 Geth Verdicts,and side out 3 Gatekeeper of Malakirs ,1 Mark of Mutiny , 1 Fling and 1 Bloodthrone.

And the game started.
He started 1st and drop a Scalding Tarn.(duh again)
Then my turn I draw a card.I didnt drop any land and discard BloodGhast(More than 7 cards)

Turn 2 he drop a land and go.
Then I draw and drop Blackcleave Cliff,return BloodGhast from graveyard onto battlefield!(so techy :P)And I cast Vampire Lacerator.
But suddenly my opponent's confidences level seem rise up!
I know there is something not good will be happen x_x.

Turn 3 he drop a land and go.
I drew another Bloodghast!
I attacked him with my creatures and..I cast Jinx Idol!(yay XDXD)
But he countered it!OH SNAP!!!my bestfriend has been countered!
Nuuu!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

Turn 4 he drop a land and go again.
I drew Kalastria Highborn.
I attacked him again but in response he cast Deceiver Exarch and blocked my Bloodghast.
I was like...@o@!!!!!He cast Deceiver Exarch!!And he got..2 Islands and 2 Mountains!That mean...HE GOT SPLINTER TWIN IN HIS HAND!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait a sec!He blocked my Bloodghast rite?So.. take my Lightning Bolt!I saw his face like...@_@....ehehehe!!Gotcha!
Well well :P If u  dont block my Bloodghast,u might be win this round XD.
Then I cast Kalastria Highborn and end my turn.

Turn 5...he....cast......Slagstorm.......and all my creatures dies T_T....
And after that..we have a long game.
I cast 2nd Bloodghast and Viscera Seer.I drop a land and recur back my another Bloodghast from graveyard.
I keep attack with them while he got Into the Roil,Lightning Bolt such thing to kill my creatures,but they keep coming back from graveyard(like a ninja huh?:P)

During this game.. I remember that I choose a wrong target for Fling cost!
I should sacrifice Bloodghast instead of Vampire Lacerator.
In the end, he lose after I shooted him with kicked Burst Lightning XD.Yay~~~ 1 score for me :D

                                                              - to be continued later x_x-

Monday, 8 August 2011

Trolled in MTG 2

Eh hai hai XD.Im sry coz I dint update this blog so oftenly.Im so busy @ this month x_x.
Pls forgive me kay T^T

By the way.. good luck in Game Day guys and girls XD

                                                                    -Didi the Nyan Agrro :3-